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• La Salle Academy •

Regional Elementary/Middle Catholic School grades K through 8.

The Mission of La Salle Academy is to send forth well-educated, morally conscientious citizens prepared and eager to give live-long responsible Christian witness as well as service to the world. This Mission will be accomplished in an environment of mutual respect and cooperative spirit among home, school, and parish communities.

Call Principal, Mr. Stephen Mickulik at 610-777-7392 or visit their website: www.lsabear.org

• Berks Catholic High School •

Regional Catholic High School grades 9 through 12

Berks Catholic High School is centered on the four pillars of God, Family, Academics and Fun. As a vibrant Christ-centered community, the Administration, Faculty and Staff are dedicated to providing a challenging academic environment for a diverse population of young men and women. Through Christian principles rooted in the Catholic tradition, we strive to positively impact our students spiritually, intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally, so they can live productive lives of service in this world and attain eternal life.

Call Principal, Mr. Tony Balistrere 610.374.8361

• CCD / Religious Ed•

This program provides faith formation and instruction for our parish children who attend public school as well as sacramental preparation for all the children of the parish.

Our program runs from September to April. Classes are held on Sunday evening at 6:30 and conclude at 7:45.

Registration & Tuition

1st Grade and New Family Registration

To register for CCD classes, you must be a registered member of St. John’s Parish

We ask that you please register ASAP so we can determine the number of classes and catechists that will be needed. Please contact us for an appointment to come in and register, or go on line to the above website to obtain a form.


1 child — $50

2 or more children — $25 each

Call the Director of Religious Education, Mrs. Bernadette Yohn at 610.777.1697

• Sunday School •

A program for children ages 4, 5, and 6 is held every Sunday morning at 10:30 AM in the Fr. Lyons Room. This program helps to foster the youngsters’ introduction to Jesus and in their basics of the faith such as prayer and praise. Classes run from September through May.

Contact Mrs. Tammy Steuer at 610-603-9099

• Vacation Bible School •

Our Vacation Bible School program is held at La Salle Academy usually the second or third week of June. Our themes are full of fun and the children interact with each other in crafts, learning great songs, and listen to the Word of God through plays and fun games.

For more information contact the Parish Office 610-777-1697

• First Penance & Communion •

The 2nd Graders of our Parish receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.  First Penance usually takes place in January. First Communion is celebrated the last Saturday in April. Preparation for these sacraments includes class instruction and study, participation in our Retreat and attendance at practices.

The parents of children preparing to receive these sacraments are required to attend our Parent Meeting which usually takes place in the fall. This meeting is for parents to receive information and formation about preparing their children for the sacraments.


• Confirmation •

The 8th graders of our parish receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Fall.  Preparation for Confirmation includes class preparation and study, participation in the Confirmation retreat and attendance at practices.  Parents of the Confirmation candidates are required to attend our Parent Meeting, which is usually held in the fall.  Parents will receive information and formation to help prepare their child(ren) to be confirmed.



 **Safe Environment Program**
Volunteers and employees of St. John’s who have any involvement with children must have up to date “Protecting God’s Children” which is a Safe Environment Workshop. Go to the Diocese of Allentown website: www.allentowndiocese.org

Once you receive your Certificate of Completion please bring it to the parish office so a copy may be placed in your file.